Movie Synopsis





"Border to Border"

A man
a horse
a silver bridle
a gun
an old saddle
a message
a big love story


Based on the same titled book by writer Flavia Pankiewicz (who collaborated with
screenwriter Claudio Dedola and movie director Luca Centoni for the film adaptation),



"Border to Border" tells the real story of the Italian cowboy Gregorio Minervini and his
adventure in 1984, which made him famous throughout the United States: a trip across the country, alone, on his horse, with few dollars in his pockets, from the Mexican to the Canadian border.
Five thousand kilometers experiencing extreme situations, unexpected events of all kinds, strange and fascinating encounters. One hundred days of out of time, adventures and suffering for a difficult love story, a woman who should join him from Italy halfway on his trip. All of it happening within the beautiful frame of the West of the United States, painted by cities, deserts and prairies.
Gregorio, attracted by the myth and the reality of the life of the west since he was a kid, has come back to Italy a year ago, after having spent 10 years in the United States learning a tough job, already in extinction, the one of "the cowboy". He's now thirty years old, he lives in Puglia , his homeland, he dreams of a fantastic adventure, something for which he knows now he has strength and appropriate knowledge: a horse trip throughout the West of the United States.
His job as a horse trainer takes often Gregorio to Tuscany, where, right after he returned from the United States, he met Maria, the love of his life. There, he also finds her father, a rich and powerful businessman, who sees Gregorio as a dreamer and a loser, very dangerous for his daughter. Maria's father, after found out about Gregorio's idea, plots with deception behind his back, trying to use Gregorio's plan for his own interest, and most of all to keep him off his daughter. Maria has a brother, Marco. Gregorio finds out he's using drugs and no one knows, he is very disturbed by it. Ready to leave for the States, he decides to dedicate his trip to spreading a very important social message. In 1984, February the 4th, the Italian cowboy leaves Nogales, Arizona, directed to the north, recommending "adventure as an alternative to drugs and alcohol".
He has a lot of attention by all the media and he's followed by millions of Americans. Many come to his help, some oppose to him, but he is admired by all. The uncertainty of Maria's love will torment him in the middle of the desert heat and the cold of the north Mountains.
He will cross Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and finally Washington State.
He risked his life many times, struggling to the last day to complete his undertaking and not lose his woman's love.
The novel "Border to Border" came out in 1988 by" Edizioni Equestri di
Milano". Gregorio, not very known in Italy, was very popular in the United States thanks to his solitary trip throughout the country, from border to border.


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